Iran Master Franchise Agreement

National Company for Franchising and Food Development, llc, Jordanian Company and Sole Owners of the CHILI HOUSE Restaurant Brand, signed an Exclusive Master Franchise Agreement with Khaneh Ghaza Behsa (Ltd.) for the Islamic Republic of Iran after six months of negotiations and also the visit Khaneh Ghaza Behsa (Ltd.) delegates to Amman, Jordan.




During their 3 days stay in Amman, Khaneh Ghaza Behsa’s delegates visited the Chili House Restaurants, met with Chili House Operations Team, Salameh Design, Chili House Architects, our Phone App Developers, Social Media Managers and Suppliers.

After this visit, Khaneh Ghaza Behsa (Ltd.) was determined with the development of Chili House Restaurants in Iran and serving Iranians with the highest quality fast foods at an international level.