Chili House Launches its new Mobile Application – july 2014

Amman – July 2014-Chili House, the region’s leading fast casual restaurant chain, has launched a new mobile application, offering a revolutionary new way for guests to experience dining at Chili House Restaurants.

While Chili House has already joined cyber space with its existing social media platforms on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, this new smartphone application hopes to connect patrons with Chili House more efficiently by providing an exclusive platform to enable customers to take control of their Chili House experience.

The Chili House app, which is available for iPhone and Android smartphones and tablets, in addition to PCs will be launched on October 15th. The app is designed to improve the dining experience for Chili House patrons. Features include: Nearest Location, which informs guests about the nearest Chili House branch to their location; Music Selection, which allows guests to choose the music they want to listen to while inside the restaurant; Check In, which allows diners to check in every time they arrive at any Chili House branch; in addition to Menu, Coupon, Notifications and News features. Those using the Check In feature of the app will also automatically be eligible to win the title of “Man or Lady of The House” for the most check ins for a given duration to receive free food, savings and other special perks.

“With this new App we are demonstrating that we walk the talk of the new generation, by using social media and mobility tools we offer more option for our clients. Customers can look at our menu on their mobile device and choose the music they like, it also allows users to find out about specials, events and which friends have visited Chili House lately”, commented Mr. Sami Daoud, CEO of Chili House.